Nouvelles cartes à collectionner Ghibli !

New Ghibli trading cards!

The new Ghibli trading cards

Trading cards are a popular hobby for many film and animation fans. Recently, a series of new trading cards featuring famous characters from Studio Ghibli films was released, sparking enthusiasm among collectors around the world.

Card characteristics

  • Each card is beautifully illustrated with iconic scenes from the Ghibli films.
  • Cards are printed on high quality paper to ensure long term durability.
  • Each pack contains a random assortment of cards, making collecting even more exciting.

How to collect

For Ghibli enthusiasts who want to start their collection, the cards will be available for purchase here in very limited quantities. It is recommended that you keep cards in protective sleeves to protect them from wear and tear and organize them according to your personal preferences.

In conclusion, the new Ghibli trading cards offer fans a fun and interactive way to celebrate the magical world of Studio Ghibli films. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a novice, these cards are a valuable addition to any collection.

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